Dr. Lachlan Goodwin 給7歲挑食的愛犬使用一個月後


我只是想說一下,你們的產品真是太棒了。我七歲的史塔福德郡鬥牛犬因為撕裂了十字韌帶,在使用Rose-Hip Vital一個月後,她的狀況好轉得讓我難以置信。至少有三到四年來,她沒有像現在這樣狀態良好。她玩耍、充滿活力,而且不再跛行。我真的很喜歡這個產品,它讓我找回了我的老狗。一個月前,我們甚至無法在街區附近散步,因為她會痛得無法行走。但是在一個月內,我們現在可以慢慢地跑6公里,對她毫無負面影響。

她通常是個挑食的狗,我試過市場上的每一種天然補充品,但她會好幾天不吃東西。而第一次嘗試Rose-Hip Vital,她一口氣把所有的東西都吃光了,連肉餡一起混合都沒問題!」

Dr. Lachlan Goodwin

AGE: 7

CONDITION: Torn Ligament


"I absolutely love this product and it has given me my old dog back"

I just wanted to say how amazing your product is. My 7 year old staffy that has torn cruciate ligaments, she has not been this good in years after 1 month on the Rose-Hip Vital. She is playing, has energy and isn't lame for the first time in at least 3-4 years. I absolutely love this product and has given me my old dog back. 1 month ago, we couldn't walk around the block without her pulling up so sore and lame. In one month, we can now run 6km (slowly) with no ill effects on her at all.

She is usually a terrible eater, and have tried every natural supplement on the market I which she will not eat for days, as soon as we put anything in her food, that includes mixing with mince etc. first try of Rose-Hip Vital and she ate the whole lot first try!!

Thanks again guys


Dr. Lachlan Goodwin

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