Dr Josie Gollan BVSc(Hons1) 用Rose-Hip Vital 來治療他的患者

我一直在使用Rose-Hip Vital Canine來治療我的許多患者,並獲得很好的治療成果。


而且Rose-Hip Vital日常在家中很容易使用,而且受到狗狗的喜愛。


事實上,我看到如此好的效果,作為一個熱愛跑步的人,我每天都服用Rose-Hip Vital。


I have been using Rose-Hip Vital Canine with many of my patients with great success.

I particularly like being able to use it in older dogs suffering from osteoarthritis where other medications may not be appropriate due to their side effects.

It is easy to administer at home and is readily palatable.

I have a lot of feedback from my clients who notice real improvements in their dog's movement, behaviour and general quality of life.

In fact, I see such a great response that, as an avid runner, I take Rose-Hip Vital every day


Dr Josie Gollan BVSc(Hons1)


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