Rose-Hip Vital 如何幫助Mogo野生動物園的異國居民們


它就在 Bateman's Bay 南方約十分鐘的路程,有一個美麗的遺產小鎮,名為 Mogo。在淘金熱潮期間,Mogo 發展成為熙來攘往的社區,近年來由於區域旅遊和當地藝術畫廊的擴充,Mogo 正在經歷文化復興,成為澳大利亞南海岸的一顆隱藏寶石。

在 Mogo,您還可以找到 Mogo Wildlife Park,這是一個專門致力於繁殖瀕危和稀有物種的私人動物園。雖然與其他澳大利亞動物園相比較小,但由於充滿熱情的團隊、創新的計劃和強烈的保護重點,Mogo Wildlife Park與澳大利亞各地的機構有著緊密的聯繫。


2017年,Rose-Hip Vital被導入給Mogo Wildlife Park的幾位居民,作為一種營養和抗發炎保健品。許多居民感覺關節僵硬、受年齡相關的活動問題和跛行所困擾。Mogo Wildlife Park的獸醫們讓它們使用Rose-Hip Vital,並對它們改善的活動能力、活力和整體健康狀況感到驚訝。

Rose-Hip Vital 現在持續向 Mogo Wildlife Park 捐贈我們的產品,支持這個令人驚嘆的動物避難所的居民可以繼續保持活躍和茁壯成長。

在 Rose-Hip Vital,我們不斷被我們社群中收到的見證感動,儘管我們第一手了解我們的產品有多麼令人驚奇。而我們很自豪,我們的產品能夠幫助 Mogo Wildlife Park 的居民,所以我們帶著這些稀有且美妙的動物來到了你們的面前!

繼續閱讀,認識 Mogo Wildlife Park 一些異國情調的居民,看看他們如何因為 Rose-Hip Vital 而有了全新的生機。


Rose-Hip Vital 很自豪能與 Mogo Wildlife Park 這個令人驚嘆的社區相關聯。


如果你還沒去過 Mogo,一定要把它加入你的週末行程名單,並把 Mogo Wildlife Park 放在你的行程首位。如果你還沒嘗試過 Rose-Hip Vital,為何不試試看呢?


Have you ever been to Mogo?

Just ten minutes south of Bateman’s Bay lies this beautiful heritage town. Having expanded into a bustling community during the Gold Rush, and experiencing a cultural renaissance in recent years thanks to regional tourism and the expansion of local art galleries, Mogo is a hidden gem in Australia’s Southern Coast. 

There in Mogo, you’ll also find Mogo Wildlife Park, a specialised private zoo focusing on breeding programs for endangered and rare species. While small in comparison to other Aussie zoos, Mogo Wildlife Park has strong ties to institutions Australia-wide thanks to its passionate team, innovative programs and strong conservation focus. 

In 1999, Mogo’s breeding programs led to the successful breeding of snow leopards. Along with snow leopards, the zoo is home to other rare species, including the red panda and white lion; and this list of exotic inhabitants continues to change and grow every year. 

In 2017, Rose-Hip Vital was introduced to a number of the Wildlife Park’s residents as a nutritional and anti-inflammatory supplement. Many of Mogo’s residents were experiencing stiffness, age-related mobility issues and lameness. The vets at Mogo Wildlife Park began them on Rose-Hip Vital and have been amazed by their improved mobility, vitality and overall wellbeing ever since.  

Rose-Hip Vital now continues to donate our powders to Mogo Wildlife Park so that the residents of this amazing animal sanctuary can continue to stay active and thrive.

At Rose-Hip Vital, we’re continuously blown away by the testimonials we receive from our community, even though we know firsthand just how incredible our powders are. And we’re so proud that our supplement has been able to help the residents of Mogo Wildlife Park, we’re bringing these rare and wonderful animals to you! 

Read on to meet some of the exotic residents of Mogo Wildlife Park and find out how they’ve experienced a new lease on life thanks to Rose-Hip Vital. 


Keep Moving, Mogo! 

Rose-Hip Vital is proud to be associated with the amazing community of Mogo Wildlife Park.

We believe nobody, two-legged or four, should have to suffer with uncomfortable joint pain, inflammation or depleted wellbeing. It’s our mission to help as many people and animals as possible.

If you haven’t been to Mogo yet, be sure to add it to your list of regional weekenders and add Mogo Wildlife Park to the top of your itinerary. And if you haven’t tried Rose-Hip Vital yet, why not give it a try and enjoy free shipping Australia-wide.