Tubsy已經吃澳寵瑰寶9年! 特別分享改善泌尿道及皮膚狀況

Jessica & Tubsy——加入Rose-Hip Vital Canine行列已經9年! (是的,這是一個很棒的保健品!)

「這是我領養的寶貝 Tubsy,從令她害怕的收容所到我身邊時只有 12 週大。 她是一半布偶貓血統的貓,像隻小狗一樣跟著我走來走去,被呼喚時會過來,喜歡依偎在我身旁(但只在她願意的時候),我告訴她睡覺時她就會去睡覺,要是小孩子也能像她這樣聽話就好了!。

她還年輕,下個月就要滿 10 歲了。 她的關節很健康,但出於某種原因,她每年容易患幾次泌尿道感染(是的,我們帶她去看過獸醫,她做了一些血液檢查和腎臟測試,一切都很好!)看來泌尿道感染似乎跟壓力有關, 我不確定。因為她過著養尊處優的生活,有一個巨大的抓撓柱、玩具、擁抱、高級貓糧和她女王殿下需要的一切(我的意思是幾年前我去美國的時候,去到每個州我都會給她買了一份禮物—我不是#crazycatlady,但我確實愛她!)

因此發現,Rose-Hip Vital 的其他作用之一就是它可以改善腎功能,同時保護關節,提供重要的免疫系統支持和貢獻對一般健康和幸福,還有改善毛髮質量和幫助任何皮膚狀況或過敏。

除了泌尿道感染 Tubsy 還有一點乾燥/脫屑皮膚—我給她服用 Rose-Hip Vital—我開始撒上一點,然後逐漸增加到大約 2/3 勺,因為她重 6 公斤。 我堅持使用 Rose-Hip Vital 18 個月後,沒有泌尿道感染—而在此之前12 個月她得過3次!因為 我變得懶惰,沒有給她澳寵瑰寶,我忘記了或是工作忙及所有這些藉口,7 週後她又得了泌尿道感染——之後可以肯定地說我沒有再犯那個錯誤! 現在她的乾燥/脫屑皮膚有所改善,她的皮毛摸起來像絲綢。 她好軟!」


Jessica & Tubsy – a member of Rose-Hip Vital Canine HQ for 9 years now (yes its a great place to work!!)

“This is my rescue baby Tubsy, she came to me from the pound when she was scared and just 12 weeks old. She is half ragdoll and follows me around like a little dog, comes when called and loves to snuggle (on her terms but goes to bed when told, if only children listened like this!). She is still young and about to turn 10 next month. She is healthy joint wise but she for some reason is prone to getting a couple of UTI’s each year (yes of course we have been to the vet, she had some blood work done & kidneys tested and all great!) It appears the UTI’s are stress related. I am not sure how as she lives a pampered life with a huge scratching post, toys, cuddles, premium cat food and everything else her highness needs (I mean when I went to America a few years ago, for each state I went to I bought her a present – I am not a #crazycatlady, but I do love her!) So one of the side effects of Rose-Hip Vital is that it can improve kidney function whilst of course protecting joints, providing significant immune system support and contributing to general health and well being as well as improving coat quality and helping with any skin conditions or allergies. In addition to the UTI’s Tubsy had a little bit of dry flakey skin – I started her on Rose-Hip Vital – I started with a sprinkle and gradually worked her up to about 2/3 scoop as she is 6kg. I kept on Rose-Hip Vital for 18 months and no UTI’s – the 12 months prior she had 3! I got lazy and didn’t give to her as I forgot to get more from work and all those excuses, and 7 weeks later she got a UTI – safe to say I didn’t make that mistake again! Her dry/flakey skin has improved and her coat feels like silk. She is so soft!”