2008 DSM Rose-Hip及其成分半乳醣脂GOPO的抗炎和軟骨保護效果

由DSM Nutritional Products 2008年發表:研究玫瑰果粉(Rose-Hip)及其成分半乳醣脂GOPO的抗炎和軟骨保護效果

軟骨侵蝕和重建是高度複雜的生物過程,反映了不同細胞類型產生的細胞和介質的相互作用。這些作用可以通過各種成分的同時作用有效調節,這些成分存在於天然提取物和物質中,可能為關節疾病(如骨關節炎)提供緩解。事實上,經過多項隨機對照臨床試驗的研究發現,一種玫瑰果粉(RHP, Rose-Hip powder)在骨關節炎治療中具有益處。進行測試的玫瑰果粉由丹麥的Hyben Vital公司(Rose-Hip Vital原料廠商)生產,通過標準化的過程確保其活性成分的保存。RH(Rose-Hip)的成分之一:半乳醣脂GOPO,抑制嗜中性白血球的趨化作用,是RH粉中含有的數種生物活性物質之一,具有潛在的軟骨保護和軟骨再生作用。





Cartilage erosion and rebuilding are highly complex biological processes that reflect interactions of cells and mediators produced by different cell types. These might efficiently be modulated by the concomitant action of a variety of constituents such as they occur in natural extracts and substances that might provide relief for joint diseases like osteoarthritis (OA), Indeed, a rose hip powder (RHP) has been found to have beneficial effects in the treatment of OA as shown in several randomized controlled clinical trials. The rose hip powder tested was produced by Hyben Vital, Denmark, with a standardized process ensuring the preservation of its active constituents and is commercially available in Europe as Litozinw and in the rest of the world as i-flexTM. A constituent of RH, the galactolipid GOPO inhibits chemotaxis of neutrophils and is thus one of several bioactives contained in RH powder, that has a putative chondroprotective andior cartilage-regenerating effect in OA.

We present experimental approaches for identifying RH bioactives. The anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective effects of GOPO has been evaluated at different levels in vitro in three relevant cellular systems.