Matilda 術前用Rose-Hip穩定病情,意外不需要動手術了!

在我們的Matilda 被診斷出肘部發育不良後,我買了Rose-Hip Vital給她,那時她快兩歲了。

因為我們住在鄉下,我們不得不等上好幾個月,等外科醫生來做她的手術,與此同時,她必須要吃抗炎藥,我們想我們可以試試Rose-Hip Vital,讓病情在醫生來之前得到控制。


上週她進行了手術前的檢查,醫生對她服用Rose-Hip Vital的情況印象非常深刻。事實上,他認為現在甚至可能永遠都不需要做手術了!

我很高興我們找到了這款產品,自從我們開始讓她使用這款產品大約3週後,她就再也沒有跛行過,她又回到了她活潑瘋狂的自我。所以,謝謝Rose-Hip Vital。


AGE: 2

CONDITION: Elbow Dysplasia


"Well it's the best decision we made!"

I bought Rose-Hip Vital for our nearly 2 yo Matilda after she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia.

As we live rural we had to wait quite a few months for a surgeon to come up to perform her surgery, meanwhile she was to be on anti-inflammatories until then, we thought we could give Rose-Hip Vital a try to keep it a bay until his visit. Well it's the best decision we made! She had her pre-op appointment last week and he was very impressed with how she has been on Rose-Hip Vital.

So much so he decided that surgery wasn't needed for now possibly forever! I'm so glad we found this product she hasn't limped at all since about 3 weeks after we started her on it and she's back to her playfully crazy self. So thank you Rose-Hip Vital